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Since 2000, Panda Paper Roll has been a reliable paper roll manufacturer and exported trusted by worldwide distributors that cater to retail, hospitality, medical and other industries. Over the years, our main customers included Walmart, McDonald’s, Subway, H&M, and various brands around the world. For numerous businesses worldwide, Panda Paper Roll is the ultimate source for your paper roll products & solutions.

At Panda Paper Roll, our mission is to provide you with the finest quality thermal paper and label products at unbeatable prices with world-class customer service and fast shipping times. With a wide area and powerful production lines, our factory consistently yields a high amount of paper roll products to meet growing demands.

An ISO9001 Certified Company

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We are ISO 9001 quality certified – demonstrating high quality management standards and stringent quality control processes.

Our Core Values

Why Choose Panda Paper Roll?

We are proud to be China’s top #3 thermal paper rolls manufacturer and exporter. Let Panda Paper Roll take your business to the next level.